And for other English speaking MG'ists !

Hi there,

Thanks for visiting this Web site devoted to my MG B roadster (1978).

Are you disappointed to find a site presented in French ? There are already so many other good sites in English dedicated to this famous classic car that one in French can be useful for the few French speaking MG'ists...

Whatever it may be, you are welcome and many pages do not require any translation:
photogallery, restoration chronicle, MG catalogues & posters, funnie, humour, and so on.

There is also an automotive English-French dictionary on this site. It offers interactive translation but it is limited to a few hundreds words. It will maybe become taller in the future.

Jim S (aka Jim63), member of The MG Experience club, who was kind enough to find this website interesting, suggested using the Google translation Web service to display the pages in English. The procedure is simple:

(1) You call the translator in the command line of your browser:

(2) Then you enter the site's home page in the form and select "from French to English" (or any other destination language if you prefer):

The results are sometimes funny ("fat" instead of "grease"; "candle" instead of "spark plug"; "interview instead of "maintenance", etc.) and the layout (planned of IE) is somewhat damaged. But it allows to have a fairly accurate idea of the content. Click on the flag below if you want to try the experiment...

Don't hesitate to contact me by email if you find a mistake, a broken link or any other stuff. You can also let a message in the guestbook or - more difficult - in the guestmap ! Just click the Message button below in order to get email facilities.

Thanks again for your visit and ... welcome on board !

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